Magnesium and High Blood Pressure

“Magnesium supplements have a significant effect on lowering blood pressure”


Magnesium Supplements May Help Lower High Blood Pressure.


Science Daily (Aug. 24, 1998) — DALLAS, August 21   Magnesium supplements have a small but significant effect on lowering blood pressure, according to a study in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association.


Clinical Trial: After examining individuals following eight weeks on magnesium and eight weeks off, Yuhei Kawano, M.D., and researchers at the National Cardiovascular Centre in Osaka, Japan, determined that, “blood pressures were significantly lower during the magnesium supplementation period, although the differences were small.” Changes in blood pressure averaged about 2.7 millimetres of mercury (mm/Hg) less in systolic (top number) pressure and 1.5 mm/Hg less in diastolic (bottom number) pressure while participants were taking magnesium.


Our Miracle Magnesium Oil™ and Miracle Magnesium Blue Spray™ contain trace minerals from the Dead Sea. This aids in the absorption of the magnesium and makes it a superior product! The liquid form is best for intestinal and transdermal (through the skin) absorption.


Miracle Magnesium Oil and Miracle Magnesium Blue Spray™ surpass conventional supplements in tablet form in that our product contains more bio-available elemental magnesium.


Conventional supplements may not supply the sufficient amount of magnesium our bodies require. Magnesium relaxes and brings suppleness to the arteries. Sufficient magnesium may combat the inflammation, calcification and hardening of arteries; this may result in lowering Blood Pressure.


It may take close to a year to replenish deficient magnesium stores by drinking Miracle Magnesium Oil ™ and spraying Miracle Magnesium Blue Spray™.

 Drink 1ml of Miracle Magnesium Oil™ in 250ml of water twice per day and gradually increase to 5ml in 250ml of water twice per day. The body may use the available Magnesium for the heart, brain and adrenals first as these organs have the greatest need for magnesium.


In addition to drinking the Miracle Magnesium Oil™ it is imperative to boost the level of magnesium with transdermal (through the skin) Miracle Magnesium Blue Spray™.

 Spray 2 to 4 times daily (ideally after a bath or shower) over the arms, legs, back and stomach. The Miracle Magnesium™ is absorbed through the skin and directly into the muscle and blood stream.



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